The Current Reality

1. By the end of 2016 Cornerstone will have a mortgage debt of approximately $300,000 owing on our buildings in Cornwall, Stratford, and Montague.

2. The facility in Cornwall needs to be expanded to serve our growing Foundations children’s program. Additionally, our foyer space isn’t large enough to foster church community.

The Future Hope

1. No debt owing. Ministry that is free to respond to God’s leading.

2. A facility in Cornwall that will meet the need for our children’s programs for years to come and that helps create a place where everyone is welcome, where anyone can hear and respond to the good news about Jesus Christ.

The Way Forward

$1 million raised over 5 years (2017-2021)

Please pray and consider how you can give in support of the goal to be debt free and to have a building in Cornwall that meets our needs. We’d love to see as many families and individuals as possible take part in this church-wide capital campaign so that we can say we did this together.

Every contribution, large or small, is valuable in helping us meet our target. For example, if 100 people gave the value of a daily store-bought coffee ($1.85) over the 5 years of the campaign that would total one-third of our $1 million goal!

By indicating your pledge amount and your intended frequency of giving you will help us prepare the way forward. If your circumstances change you can increase or decrease as necessary. The church won’t be chasing you down. Your giving is between you and the Lord; your pledge will be kept confidential with only the treasurer knowing the amount. By making a pledge that is in addition to your regular offering you can help our church significantly.

It’s amazing to consider where we are as a church and what God has already done. As other people have prepared a place for us, we now have an opportunity to prepare for generations yet to come.

Please return your pledge cards as soon as possible