the basics

So how’s your week going? How’s your day going? Are you in that spot where everything’s a struggle and the whole world seems pitted against you?

Having parented five children my wife & I have learned some valuable lessons along the way. There have been countless times, when trying in vain to deal with an unreasonable child, we’ve at last interjected and declared, “you can’t be awake for ten more seconds. You need a nap – now!” And in the vast majority of instances, it’s proven to be true.

There have been many times in the last decade and a half, while dealing with a child appearing to be straight-up outside of their mind, where we’ll run the checklist of basics needs:

“Did they get enough sleep?”

“Are they hungry?”

“Are they restless and need expend some energy?”

“Have they breathed any fresh air?”

Honestly adults, we’re the same as we ever were as children; just larger, (hopefully) more emotionally intelligent versions of ourselves. As such, why would we not self-apply these same diagnostics to ourselves as grown-ups? So before you spring into action and endeavour to tackle some of those titanic-sized problems, why not first take inventory of the basics in your life?

I see many Christians risk overemphasizing the spiritual to the neglect of the physical and emotional. God has created us as multifaceted beings where each of those facets has the ability to affect the other.

So, the next time we find ourselves struggling, acting out (at least internally), why not run through a bit of a checklist?

Am I rested?

Have I eaten anything that resembles nutrition?

How are my relationships?

How’s my activity level?

Have I gotten outside… this month?

Yes, you may well have legitimate issues that need immediate addressing. Perhaps everyone is out to get you. Perhaps your world is set to implode.

Or maybe you just need a nap.

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