Beginning September 17

Whether you grew up hearing the Bible in Sunday School or have never opened its cover, THE STORY of the Bible is for you.

This year at Cornerstone we’ll be exploring THE STORY and you are invited to join us. Maybe you’ve tried to read the Bible before, but wound up frustrated; by going through THE STORY together it will help you understand the Bible and what it means for you. To get the most out this experience, we like to think of it as a 3-course meal:

AppetizerSunday morning services
Main CourseReading THE STORY for yourself
DessertDiscussion in a small group

You can take part in as much as you like. Resources are available for kids, teens, and adults so that everyone can participate in THE STORY together. By going through as families, friends, and small groups we can encourage each other along. You can find a small group here.

Click on the following links to download the weekly guides for THE STORY: Reading Guide &  Memory Work

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