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Our Values

The Centrality of Christ

We desire that all people will live abundant lives in and through Christ.

Biblical Authority

We value the Bible and believe it is God’s revealed Truth. We seek to communicate its truths with excellence and relevance.

A Strong Sense of Community

People matter to God. We value honest questions and are committed to providing a caring environment where we all can learn and grow on our spiritual journey. We desire that no one experiences life alone and that everyone finds a place of true Acts 2 community.

Ministry in The Kingdom of God

In a culture driven by selfishness and greed we value service and are committed to making a difference by serving our community and the world through the local church.

Total Life Worship

Total life worship includes focusing our minds on God, expressing our affection to God and using our abilities for God. To learn about what it means to be a Member of Cornerstone please visit our Membership page.