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Friday Night Meatballs

A couple different people pointed me to an article this week, and I wanted to share it with you.

The article isn’t written from a Christian perspective, but it speaks to the desire for community and taking intentional steps to make it possible in a busy world. Best of all it’s a really simple idea and the article gives some very practical tips. You can read the whole thing here.

“Friday Night Meatballs” started out when Joe and Sarah sent out a simple invitation:

So here’s what Joe and I have decided to do, in my 33rd year, to make our lives happier: we are instituting a new tradition we call Friday Night Meatballs. Starting next Friday, we’re cooking up a pot of spaghetti and meatballs every Friday night and sitting down at the dining room table as a family—along with anyone else who’d like to join us. Friends, neighbors, relatives, clients, Facebook friends who’d like to hang out in real life, travelers passing through: you are welcome at our table. We’ll just ask folks to let us know by Thursday night so we know how many meatballs to make. You can bring something, but you don’t have to. Kids, vegetarians, gluten-free types, etc. will all be taken care of. The house will be messy. There might be card and/or board games. There might be good Scotch. You might be asked to read picture books. You might make new friends. We’ll just have to find out. This is our little attempt to spend more time with our village. You’re invited.

This is Green Tables kind of stuff! When Christ is in the midst of this, what an opportunity to share His life and love in a very natural way.

Would something like this work for you and your family? Who do you know who would love to be invited to this?