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Making the Most of Family Meals

At Cornerstone we talk about the importance of Green Tables. The moments of everyday life are moments that God can readily use to do His work. When we talk about Green Tables it’s often along the lines of sharing our faith with others, but the same ideas apply to raising our children as well.

I recently came across an article online, not from a Christian source, that really gets some of this, and had some really practical suggestions worth thinking about.

Another site summarized the main article this way: “Meal time isn’t about eating; it’s about sharing with the people you care about most.” In our busy and fast-paced world we often see food as fuel, we grab it on the run, eat it on our own or in a rush. What if we started to think about our meals less in terms of food and more in terms of the people we care about?

    Here are some of the helpful ideas mentioned:

  • If supper time is too difficult, try sharing breakfast together.
  • Get your kids involved with making the meal.
  • No TV, cellphones, or tablets.

As Christians, shared meal time is also a great time to talk about things we’ve been learning at church, to practice praying together, and talk about how we’ve seen God active in our lives or the lives of others. If you’re not used to this it can feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s worth pushing through the awkwardness. It might even help to talk about why it feels awkward! Also talk about why you’re going for this, what you want to see happen by sharing not just food but also the most meaningful parts of your lives together. It’s worth it!