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Want to be “Missional”?

The Youth & Family Department of our own Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches has just started a blog, focused on reaching our neighbourhoods with God’s good news. Here’s an excerpt from a recent article:

Want to be missional? First – I know it’s quite the buzz word, by it I simply mean living with a bent towards always being on mission for God, aiming to always overflow with God’s good news in word and deed. Living with this bent towards joining God in what He is doing in your neighbourhood, what he is doing right around you where you live, work, play, church, go to school, go to the grocery store…

So want to be missional? Spot the needs around you.

You, your family, your group, your church cannot meet all the needs. But which needs, which stories are you hearing most often? Which are sticking with your heart and mind? How can you start showing and telling God’s good news to those with similar stories and needs? And it’s always ok to start with just one in God’s mustard seed Kingdom.

So… what needs do you see? Where can you join God in His work?