Kits of Kindness

Kits of Kindness

Kits of Kindness is a response to the food insecurity that many elementary-age children have. There are programs in schools to help with food during the week but when they are home on weekends the hunger gap is real. Schools have identified this as a significant need for many students. As a church, we’ve seen this need and tried to meet it by partnering with local schools at key points of the year… but the need is there all year round. We’ve already been hearing how this is making a big difference in the lives of kids and their families, as well as teachers and their classrooms!

Now, on an on-going basis, we are gathering various non-perishable food items to pack into kits for kids. These are provided to local school guidance counsellors and/or administrators who give them to those in need so that no kid has to go hungry.

Any time you arrive at one of Cornerstone’s sites, whether for a worship service, small group, or meeting, you can drop off non-perishable items in the box by the banner with the Kits of Kindness logo. These items are going to schools in your community, with a growing list as we’re able.

Suggested Items

(please choose nut-free options)

  1. Granola bars
  2. Instant oatmeal packages
  3. Dry soup mixes
  4. Cheese and cracker packs
  5. Canned meat
  6. Dry pasta and sauce packs
  7. Pudding packs
  8. Fruit packs (apple sauce, etc)
  9. Rice packs
  10. Large ziplock bags