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A Free Sample of Jesus

I have a friend from England who is a pastor there; I wanted to share a simple question he asked that got me thinking:

What does a free sample of Jesus look like?

What it actually looks like will be different for each of us, and the same for all of us. It will be different because we all have different experiences, meet people in different places, and have to respond and react to different circumstances. But it will be the same because we are asking God’s Spirit to help us to emulate Jesus in those experiences, with those people and in response to those circumstances.

What if we saw ourselves as “free samples” of Jesus? When people get to know us there is an opportunity for them to actually get a taste of what Christ is like through our words, actions, and our own relationship with Jesus. As the Psalms say, “taste and see that the Lord is good”.

How can you live TODAY as a free sample of Jesus?